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    What is 503 Service Unavailable Error?


    The mean of 503 Service unavailable Error in wordpree is when the server has received our request but has not been able to process it.503 error occurs because the server cannot process your request at that moment. It cannot show you the web because the server is busy doing other things.


    How to Fix 503 error in WordPress?

    .Disable WordPress plugins

    in this case you can do is start disabling them one by one.we can do this from the wordpress administration panel directly.just to do the simple steps to  deactivating the plugins one by one and testing the site, until you find the problematic one. deactivate the plugins from an FTP manager, although the cPanel file manager also works.

    .Remove and deactivate WP theme

    is previous step not worked for it then we can do it bf remove the WP theme and deactivate WP theme . you will have to perform the same process that you did with the plugins, but this time deactivating the theme.You can do it from the WordPress administrator or, if it is not available, through FTP or a file manager. Remember that templates in WordPress are stored within wp-content/themes. Search your active theme there and put 000 permissions on it or change its name, and then test your site.

    .Enable WP_DEBUG

    • Enable WordPress Debug Feature
    • Open your WordPress directory via FTP or File Manager.
    • Open the wp-config.php file
    • Scroll down to where WP_DEBUG is defined. It looks like this define ('WP_DEBUG', false);. If it is missing, we will add it just above the line that says /*That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging.*/
    • Insert the DEBUG magic codes. Just change the above define ('WP_DEBUG', false); code to:
    • define ('WP_DEBUG', true);
      define ('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true);
      define ('WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false);
      @ini_set ('display_errors', 0);
    • Save changes
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