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VPS Fully Managed Hosting

A VPS, or virtual private server, is a type of non – linear and non cloud hosting in which a cloud or hosting provider makes virtualized server resources available to an end user through the internet. Each VPS is installed on a real server that hosts many VPSs and is managed by the cloud or hosting provider.

VPS hosting provides you with more resources than shared or cloud hosting, such as RAM, storage space, and CPU cores. However, custom VPS hosting packages might occasionally provide the exact amount of resources that your organisation requires. Scala Hosting allows you to customise your VPS servers to meet the exact needs of your websites.

Udayan VPS Fully Managed Hosting Plans

UdayanWeb VPS hosting Services

SSD Disk Drives

100 Mb/s Network

Dedicated IP

udayanweb dedicated ip servers

IPv4 Support

  • Full Root SSH Access
  • rDNS / PTR Records
  • JSP / Tomcat / Java / Node.js
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • XCache / Varnish
  • IPv4
  • Django / FFMpeg / Ruby on Rails
  • Unlimited Sub-Domains
  • Ruby Version Manager (RVM)
  • Access to Raw Log Files
  • PHP / Perl / Python
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Secure Shell (SSH)
  • Apache / Nginx / LiteSpeed
  • Ecommerce Compatible
  • SSD Storage
  • Crontab Access
  • MySQL / MongoDB / MariaDB
  • Subversion Repository (SVN)

CentOS Operating System

Lightweight, quick and solid – these are the center principles of CentOS. It is extraordinary compared to other Enterprise-level working frameworks that focuses on speed and steadiness, without removing security. Motivated by Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS is additionally an impressive alternative for VPS facilitating.

Motivated by Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS is additionally an impressive alternative for VPS facilitating.

Ubuntu Operating System

Ubuntu is one of the top OS picks for web workers around.

The open-source nature of Ubuntu fits be an ideal instrument for clients that need an adaptable and stable climate. This OS is ideal for any online undertaking that requests high security and an adjustable stack.

Fedora Operating System

Fedora is basic, unbloated and exceptionally cleaned, filling in as an incredible beginning stage. Other than that, it is secure, productive, and exceptionally adaptable. Fedora depends on and upheld by Red Hat, which implies you will utilize an incredible and all around dealt with device.

Debian Operating System

Dependability and speed – the fundamental preferences of running Debian as your web worker OS. Critical speed benefits, bug global positioning frameworks, and numerous structures make it adaptable and solid. Simple overhauls, exacting security, and a first class bundling framework.

Suse Operating System

A main supporter of a few enormous undertakings, an amazing open-source OS that gives an incredible encounter first thing. Moving deliveries will keep you on the forefront. Stable, execution arranged and upheld up by an enormous network

7 Days money-back guarantee

Customer satisfaction is our top-most priority. We will return your money if you are dissatisfied with our services. There is no need to be concerned.